Advice For The Duggars

Sweet Christ, what are they thinking?
So, the other evening I was watching that 19 Kids And Counting show (no, not by choice). While I certainly feel that the Duggar parents suffer from some sort of severe mental disability, I'd like to offer them some help. Well, not them but their oldest son and his wife.

Josh and Anna have just begun their own family and now have two children of their own, Mackynzie and Michael. Given those two names, I assumed they are working on the same naming platform as the Duggars, choosing the letter M as their OCD focal point. After a while, it will become difficult to come up with names starting with M, so I've decided to compile a list.

1) Matthew
2) Maxwell
Number 15 seems to
work for him.
3) McKenna
4) Madelyn
5) Marc
6) Magnolia
7) Mumford
8) Moesha
9) Macadamia
10) Methuselah
11) Mozzarella
12) & 13) Menarch & Maxipad (for twin girls)
14) Merkin
15) Mitchell Musso
16) Maynard
17) Muggle
18) McGuffin
19) Mumm-Ra
20) MILF

I'm aware that having so many children is an undertaking, and it's my hope that with this list, the task of name the children can at least be easier. To Josh and Anna perusing the above baby names, there's no need to thank me. Just knowing that I'm able to make your difficult parenthood even slightly less stressful is thanks enough for me.

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