My Whovian Home

It all started with this.

When I saw that mailbox, I knew that I needed it. I don't even have a house yet, but I wanted a mailbox because, DUH. It's a TARDIS. But the more I started the think about it, the more I wanted to fashion my entire home in a Doctor Who theme. But to be honest, I wasn't sure where to even start.

Good thing I have the internet.

Almost everywhere I went, I was given ideas on how to Doctor Who up my future home. The next one that I found was a backyard shed, complete with a stand-alone Dalek.

I'm not sure what I would need the shed for. Maybe a lawnmower and my fiance's planters and crap like that. But if I have enough room in the backyard for a shed, you better believe it's going to be a TARDIS shed.

So far I’ve got only the outside of my house covered. So what about the inside? Considering how many books I own and how little space I have to store them, I need to think about ways to maximize the space. So finding this online was a miracle.

What I love about this is the way the doors swing open. It really makes seem bigger on the inside, which is, of course, important for a TARDIS. I was hoping that the person that made it would have included instructions or something so that I can find someone to build it for me, but no such luck. If anyone wants to fill this in, feel free to email me.

Along the same lines as that book cabinet, someone decided to turn it into something more appropriate for grown-ups. A TARDIS liquor cabinet. I can just see this sitting in my house filled with bottles of rum, vodka, and Verdi. Though it does seem to be a lot of wasted space so it might be important to add a few extra shelves in there.

But finally, I stumbled on this over on Think Geek the other day. A TARDIS trashcan! While I don’t like the idea of throwing garbage away in a TARDIS, I do like the design and can totally see this sitting in the corner of one of my rooms.

And this is just the beginning! Think of everything else I can do, like paint my front door like the TARDIS. Hell, I can even paint my WHOLE HOUSE like a TARDIS. Just thinking about it makes me really excited to buy my own house. 

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