"The Non-Linear Flow" Now Available In Paperback! (And a Contest!)

I procrastinate. A little too much. It's one of my biggest flaws and I know this. One of the biggest, most detrimental things I could have done, however, was to procrastinate pushing my debut novel, The Non-Linear Flow of the Universal Tides, to paperback. Don't get me wrong; I didn't push back publication altogether. It's been available since 2013 in digital format (which you can get here...) But the paperback? That got back-burnered.

Recently, though, I had the bug to see my book in print. So I fired up the ol' CreateSpace website and set about making the physicality of my book a reality. I just got the proof copies in the mail the other day and, man...

Are those things beautiful. After spending a few days with it, I approved it for publication and now The Non-Linear Flow is finally available in physical format. You can get your copy at CreateSpace or Amazon.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, and to get rid of a few of these extra proofs I have lying around, I've decided to run to concurrent contests: one on Twitter and one on Facebook. To enter:

1) Like my Writer Page.

2) Like and Share this post:

That's it. Simple enough.

1) Follow @IdiotAtPlay on Twitter

2) Retweet this tweet.
And there you go! Keep in mind I will only be including entries that Retweet using the Twitter-style retweet, not manually retweeted posts. So use that ouroboros-looking icon to enter.

I will choose 2 winners, one from Facebook and one from Twitter, at random on Monday, April 6, and announce the winner the same day.

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates! Best of luck to all and tell your friends to pick up my book!
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