The Non-Linear Flow of the Universal Tides

It’s just another regular day for lifelong friends Matt and Aaron, spending time out on the river, doing some fishing. But their day of relaxation turns into an adventure of a lifetime when they fall into a hidden wormhole and find themselves in a parallel world. With the help of a dishonored military captain, Twilana Salizar, Matt and Aaron soon realize they’ve landed smack dab in the middle of a war between the Angelic High Military and a horde of demons led by Lucifer himself. Can this trio of universally-displaced travelers stay alive long enough to find their way home and avoid destroying the entire space-time continuum? 

My first novel, The Non-Linear Flow of the Universal Tides, is now available at:
Barnes & Noble

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Here's a short sample of the novel. If you enjoy it, go buy a copy. And don't forget to leave a review when you finish!

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