Review: Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris is famous for her Sookie Stackhouse series of books that has become so popular, it has taken over HBO with its hit show True Blood. As much as I admire her work and the characters she's created, it pains me to say that the latest book, Dead Reckoning, was a huge disappointment. With no plots or reason to write the book, I felt that she was more pressed to get a book out as fast as she could to appease her eagerly awaiting fans then with trying to create a story worth reading. I have read many fan reviews, both positive and negative, and seen numerous four-star ratings, but I feel that people are just giving these ratings because it’s Charlaine Harris. I wonder if they read the same book I did?

I didn’t feel the hype or excitement I usually get with Charlaine's books, or that feeling of wanting to know more about how things are going to turn out.

Cue Spoilers Here.

All we got from the book is to be Eric married to the Queen of Oklahoma and that the marriage between Eric and Sookie will no longer be valid. Eric kills Victor. Pam falls in love with a woman who dies from leukemia. Sandra Pelt finally gets killed in an anti-climactic way, her dead body thrown into a fairy portal. And Sookie breaks the blood bond with Eric. All of this sounds exciting, right?

It wasn’t. It left me feeling empty with no care for the will happen in the next book or imagination as to how she is going to write. The only time I felt any sort of excitement was at the end of chapter twelve, and that excitement was gone almost as quickly as it arrived! It seems as if Charlaine wants you to not anticipate the next installment to this fascinating series and, as a fan since the beginning, this just makes me sad.

Does this mean that I will not read her next book or watch the show anymore? Of course not. The story of Eric and Bill will keep me on my tippy toes, but at what point do you just stop and look at where the story is going? Are fans to blame for being so impatient with wanting to know what happens next or who Sookie will end up with? I’m not exactly sure but I felt Dead Reckoning was just written fast to get a book on the shelves. I hope the next one makes up for it, spending better time on the characters and their relationships, or I may no longer be reading this series.


Advice For The Duggars

Sweet Christ, what are they thinking?
So, the other evening I was watching that 19 Kids And Counting show (no, not by choice). While I certainly feel that the Duggar parents suffer from some sort of severe mental disability, I'd like to offer them some help. Well, not them but their oldest son and his wife.

Josh and Anna have just begun their own family and now have two children of their own, Mackynzie and Michael. Given those two names, I assumed they are working on the same naming platform as the Duggars, choosing the letter M as their OCD focal point. After a while, it will become difficult to come up with names starting with M, so I've decided to compile a list.

1) Matthew
2) Maxwell
Number 15 seems to
work for him.
3) McKenna
4) Madelyn
5) Marc
6) Magnolia
7) Mumford
8) Moesha
9) Macadamia
10) Methuselah
11) Mozzarella
12) & 13) Menarch & Maxipad (for twin girls)
14) Merkin
15) Mitchell Musso
16) Maynard
17) Muggle
18) McGuffin
19) Mumm-Ra
20) MILF

I'm aware that having so many children is an undertaking, and it's my hope that with this list, the task of name the children can at least be easier. To Josh and Anna perusing the above baby names, there's no need to thank me. Just knowing that I'm able to make your difficult parenthood even slightly less stressful is thanks enough for me.
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