Rummaging for Toys on a Sunny May Saturday

It was late in the week with Memorial Day weekend fast approaching. While I did have a few things on the docket for Sunday and Monday, Saturday was a veritable blank slate as far as plans go. So how fortuitous that I should log onto Twitter and hear word about a massive toy show happening in my great state of New Jersey? The only problem is that it was a near 2-hour drive to get there.


Rapacity won out over the need to conserve gasoline so The Nerdy Pumpkin and I hopped into the Idiotmobile and headed down to the town of Richland.

It was the best decision I could have made.

First off, I had heard of the wonder that is It's a Toy Store a few times before but hadn't experienced it for myself so to get the chance to see it in person was worth the drive. On top of that, they had so many sellers out on the lawns around the store. So many toys. It...it was...well, see for yourself.

And to be quite fair, that video barely did the show justice. There were so many vendors selling so many toys. TMNT, Ghostbusters, Funko Pops, old-timey tin toys from way before I was born. The list goes on and on and made me angry that I only brought $50 with me. I could have spent SO MUCH more.

So I'm sure at this point you're asking what I bought. Well, see for yourself.

I know it doesn't look like much. I doesn't feel like much either... Let me break it down chronologically.

The Real Ghostbusters Figures

This was the first thing I bought when we got there, about 7 minutes after parking. I saw a table outside that had a handful of RGB stuff and haggled with the guy over price. He originally wanted $20 for the Slimer and the Venkman but I managed to get him to throw in the Spengler also. Given the wear on the figures and the broken proton streams, I didn't get an amazing deal, but hell, I'm pleased with it.

Real Ghostbusters Janine & Samhain

This one I bought (well, The Nerdy Pumpkin bought it for me) from inside It's a Toy Store. I remember seeing it at Toys R Us and passed it up, but with a ticket price of $15, she didn't want to let it slide again. 

Dueling Club Harry Potter figure

Another one from inside It's a Toy Store. The Nerdy Pumpkin refused to leave without something Harry Potter and it took her roughly 15 minutes to decide what she wanted. She settled on this fig, with the price tag of $12, and it actually has a really good likeness of Daniel Radcliffe. Worth it. (And also beneficial that IaTS takes credit cards.)

Full Boxes of Trading Cards
THREE full boxes of trading cards!

The Ghostbusters 2 cards had the heftiest price at $15 for the entire box. I wasn't sure about it at first but spent a couple minutes mulling and decided not to pass on it. The other two sets, DC Cosmic Teams and the Backstreet Boys (ALL Nerdy Pumpkin, that one)...

...we got for a total of $5. Worth it, even considering one of them is a trading card set based on a '90s boy band.

All in all, our time in Richland, NJ and It's A Toy Store was worth the 4 hour round trip drive and sunburned left arm. I doubt I'd be heading there too often, but I can see myself taking that ride again in a few months when I'm bored off of my ass and just need something to do.

Also next year when they have this toy show again. I'll definitely have to take a ride then.
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