The Slippery Slope of Creating a Macro

I know it’s a little childish, but I’m a fan of macros. Love ‘em. Especially the funny ones. Like the Ermahgerd one, and Guido Jesus. Even some of the Your Ecards are humorous, at least the more offensive ones anyway. But there is a new macro that I spotted on Facebook that almost made me lose my shit.

Yes, the macro is from an idea that can into existence in 1985, paired with one from a movie from 1998. For the simplicity of math, the first is over 25 years old, the second is nearly 15 years old.

I know some people will think I should calm down. After all, it’s just an innocuous image of a screencap from Nintendo’s Duckhunt transposed with a shot of John Goodman from The Big Lebowski holding an orange NES zapper, making reference to his "Am I the only one around here who gives a shit about the rules?" line. It’s nothing to get upset about.

Maybe you’re right, but it still annoys me. Why? Because this macro was made by some kid that was born in the late 90s, at least 15 years after this game was popular, and thinks he’s clever because he played Duckhunt on Nintendulator and truly believes that no one has ever felt that way before. The sad part? Anyone who ever had an original NES, and knows the irritation of having to blow into the game cartridge in order to get it to play properly, has always wanted to shoot that fucking dog!

This macro would be like me, who was born in 1980, making a macro image of Neil Armstrong on the moon, and asking “Did anyone else expect him to do the moonwalk?” It’s ridiculous because I wasn’t alive when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, so for me to have any expectations of the event is just nonsensical. (There’s also the fact that the moonwalk wasn’t around yet either, which is just as idiotic.)

I don’t want to discourage anyone from creating macros. A vast majority of them are absolute shit, but there are quite a few that are really funny. But can we at least not create macro images that are so completely outdated that most of society can’t relate to them?

And now, just to liven the mood, I leave you with this, which will one day become outdated but is currently relevant, which makes it funny…

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