For Anyone Who's Ever Wanted To Separate Themselves From Society...

So as I trolled Twitter this morning, as is my usual habit when trying to avoid work, I came across a link in my timeline. It was retweeted by someone I follow and directs to a blog named Messy Nessy Chic. As I clicked on the link, I came across one of the most wonderful sites I've ever beheld.

A 1970s underground bomb shelter built to resemble an everyday suburban neighborhood.

Looking at a few of the pictures I'm sure you'll agree just how amazing this thing is. The outdated decorating choices aside (really? Pink trim in the kitchen?) having a house like this is every weirdo's dream. Not only do you get to live in a home completely separated from the rest of humanity, but it doesn't have the same "Apocalypse" feel that other bomb shelters have.

The house is located at 3970 Spencer Street in Las Vegas and can be purchased for the low price of $1.7 million. I just love the 360° nature view all around the home. Not only does it negate the inevitable ennui one would naturally feel from living 15 feet below ground, but it makes everything feel like underground Umbrella Corporation headquarters from the first Resident Evil movie. I'm not sure if that's much of a selling point, but it's true. Add to that the awesome feature of adjustable "outdoor" lighting to simulate different times of the day, including twinkling stars at night, and this place is a real winner.

I spent a little time Googling other fallout shelters like this one but couldn't come up with anything that can hold a candle to this one. However, I did find a few helpful resources if you ever wanted to build your own bomb shelter, including one site where you can purchase all of the necessary components.

With the impending zombie apocalypse, this may be the smartest purchase anyone could make.

(Images from MessyNessyChic.com)


  1. This thing is AMAZING!!! Let's move there right away. We can pool our cash. We may be a little over a million dollars short though! lol

  2. I am TOTALLY down. I've wanted to move out to Vegas in the past so this just gives me a really good excuse to do it.


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