The Donut & Coffee Company

Groupon is a dangerous creature. Sure, it's great that they provide consumers with some amazing savings on a huge variety of services and products. I never would have gotten the chance to see The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses for such an awesome price without it. But it also introduces you to stuff you've never heard of before, which normally isn't a bad thing. But when you can buy something new for half of its regular price, you'd be more inclined to buy it. Even if it sucks, at least you didn't pay full price.

This is how I discovered The Donut & Coffee Company, also known as DOCO.

After spotting the deal on Groupon, I quickly went to DOCO's website to see what they had to offer. Almost immediately, I purchased the deal. Two dozen donuts for a little less than $14. You're probably thinking that $14 sounds high for two dozen donuts but before you judge, hear me out. These aren't your standard Dunkin' Donuts type offerings, the factory made, chocolate dipped donuts covered in seasonally colored sprinkles. On, no. All of DOCO's donuts are completely freshly made, on the spot, gourmet-type donuts. Take a look at what their menu has to offer.

Cherrygraham - Freshly made DOCO donut, hand dipped in our cherry glaze and topped with graham cracker
French Toast - Fresh baked donut, hand dipped in maple glaze and topped with cinnamon
And my new favorite... Chocolate Bacon - Freshly made DOCO donut, hand dipped in chocolate and topped with fresh bacon.

Yes, you can get a bacon donut.

But that's really just the tip of the iceberg with them. They also make fresh Kronuts, those donut/croissant hybrids that everyone has been going crazy for, as well as beignets. I have no idea with a beignet is but from the pictures on the website, it looks delicious.

Armed with the Groupon in hand, my wife and I took a drive down to Farmingdale New Jersey to pick up our specially priced donuts (and to make it home in time for the 2:50 airing of the Doctor Who Anniversary Special). And even though we brought home two dozen, adding unnecessarily to our reserves of junk food, I have no regrets. The donuts are delicious and should be enjoyed. If you live in Central New Jersey or even if you're willing to drive for an awesome pastry, then you need to check out DOCO. They're totally worth it.

Second row from the right: Chocolate Bacon donuts

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