Empire Magazine Unveils 25 Covers for X-Men: Days of Future Past

There's no denying that X-Men: Days of Future Past is going to be a huge release and based on the marketing for it, Fox is putting a lot of effort into the movie. Yesterday, Empire magazine gave fans a look at the cover for their March issue which contains an exclusive preview of the film. What's amazing about the issue is that it has a whopping 25 different covers featuring a range of characters from the movie.

Most of the characters you would expect to be given the spotlight, like Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine. But the series goes even further by giving fans a first look at a few of the new characters like Quicksilver, Warpath and Bishop. I am especially excited to see Blink in action as she's one of my favorite X-characters ever.

The covers themselves are...less than spectacular, looking more like they they were made through rough experimentation in Photoshop. I like the concept behind them, superimposing the characters over iconic images of Washington DC in the 60s, but for the most part, they just look blah. Maybe it has to do with complete lack of emotion on the parts of the actors. I do like that the covers themselves link together to form a massive panoramic image showing as DC crumbles through the transition from past to future. That's not enough to entice me to buy 25 copies of the same issue but I still dig it.

Also, kudos to Empire for devoting a cover to the movie's director, Bryan Singer. Though I doubt he's officially a member of the X-Men, it's great to see him get the recognition he deserves. He also has the distinction of being the first director to grace the cover of Empire, so that's definitely special.

If you haven't seen them yet, here is the full line-up of the covers. Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014.

William Stryker
Bolivar Trask
Professor X
Bryan Singer
Future Wolverine
Future Professor X
Future Magneto
Kitty Pryde
Future Sentinel

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