Mac Tonight's Big British Adventure! (Part 1)

Though the Hamburglar has been in the news recently after undergoing an extreme makeover and showing the world just how much of a pushover he is when it comes to his wife, 80s icon and McDonald's spokeman Mac Tonight has been flitting around London on a brief holiday. Many of his exploits can be found over on Twitter (through the help of @IdiotAtPlay, thank you very much) but for those of you who have no desire to sift through the hundreds of senseless and rambling tweets that I post (again, you're welcome), Mac has asked me to compile all of his vacation photos here on the site.

(Also, I need to thank Dinosaur Dracula for introducing me to my traveling companion. These photos wouldn't be possible without April's Funpack, which included a bunch of cool stuff. You should subscribe to future boxes and maybe you'll get something just as cool.)

Mac's flight was leaving out of JFK in New York. He managed to get there a few hours before take off, full of enthusiasm for his vacation.

As we come to find out, though, the flight would be delayed by an hour. Mac's enthusiasm dropped, though you'd never tell by the happy expression on his frozen little face.

Once on the plane, Mac dug through the seat-back pocket looking for the latest edition of SkyMall, hoping to find something cool to add to his ever increasing collection back at home. (I mean, who doesn't want a pair of Orbitwheels?) Mac would later learn that the SkyMall catalog is no more and had to satisfy himself with Al Buraq

Day 1:
Opting instead to sleep during the overnight flight, Mac arrived in London well rested and ready to face his holiday. But what was he to do? Thankfully, a rack of brochures at the hotel entrance helped him to plan his outings, choosing the Tower of London to be one of his stops.

But the Tower would have to wait since Mac had a reservation for the fancy 1940s Underground-themed bar, Cahoots, later that night. So the first day in London would just be spent walking the city and taking in the sights, such as Parliament and Big Ben.

Oh, so Cahoots... Yeah, that place was pretty cool. The right kind of swagger for a swinging dude like Mac Tonight.

I mean, get a load of these drinks...

Tossing back a few, Mac decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel to rest up for the next day. After all, he still had a full day ahead of him that he hoped to fill by soaking up the history of the city.

Day 2:
And what better place to do that than the Natural History Museum!

Mac was so enthralled by all of the exhibits, from the dinosaurs to the escalator leading up through a diorama of the interior of the Earth to the thousands upon thousands of precious stones and jewels on display, that he barely took any picture of himself in the museum! He did, however, snap a shot of his favorite exhibit: the life-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex!

After the museum, Mac wanted to see the London Eye, the massive Ferris wheel that gives riders a 40-mile view of the city. 

Once we got there, though, Mac was scared shitless at how high the London Eye went and chickened out. Mrs. Idiot and I bought a pair of tickets and rode the Eye, leaving Mac to miss out on this amazing sight.

As consolation, Mac wanted another dramatic shot of himself in front of Parliament and Big Ben. Since he missed out on the view in the London Eye, we couldn't really deny him that simple request.

Then we stopped at one of those red phone booths that are all over the city. Again, Big Ben in the background. (I'm seriously starting to think Mac wished he could have run for Prime Minister...)

By this point, Mac, Mrs. Idiot and I were pretty much beat and decided to head back to the hotel. The next day we had a full-day bus-trip scheduled and needed to be up early. So we grabbed a bus back to the hotel, where Mac wanted to take yet another picture of himself.

Day 3:
Big day! Day 3 saw us on a guided tour to Windsor Castle, the oldest occupied castle in the world. From there we would be heading to the city of Bath to see the Roman baths and finally Stonehenge! Needless to say, there was much excitement for Day 3.

First up: Windsor Castle. Mac posed for a few pics down into the Windsor gardens, a breathtaking display of care and detail.

Once inside the castle, we learned that the Changing the Guard ceremony would happen in just a few minutes. We rushed down to the courtyard to get a good view and watch the procession.

After the Changing the Guard, we went through the Queen Mary's Dolls' House and the State Apartments. Since they don't allow photography in these areas, I don't have anything to show. So it was back on the bus on our way to Bath.

The Roman Baths are absolutely amazing. As soon as you walk through the door, you feel like you've been transported back in time. As you arrive, you look down into the main gathering area, surrounded by stone figures that were important to the history of Rome, and history itself.

There's even a hands-on reproduction of a statue of Minerva, which Mac took a real shine to.

Our final stop on the tour was Stonehenge, one of England's most famous sites. Dating back 5,000 years, this was the stop I was most excited for, and apparently Mac as well judging by the grin on his face. We managed to get a nice shot of him in front of the stones just as the clouds were rolling in.

Which brings us to a close of Day 3 of our holiday. We still have three days worth of photos which include the Tower of London, the Sherlock Holmes museum and a special pop culture surprise, all of which I'm going to show in a second post. So be sure to stay tuned for that one!

(Don't forget to pop over and check out Part 2 of Mac Tonight's holiday in London!)


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