Google's Plan For A New OS

An article in the New York Post the other day talked a little about Google’s plan to create an operating system for PCs. Most of the article dealt with the hardships the search company will face in implementing such a major undertaking.

The operating system will be based on their Chrome web browser, which I admit I am ignorant of its functionality. The problem, according to the NYPost, is that computer manufacturers, such as Hewlett Packard and Dell, may be hesitant to use the software on its products. I can certainly see the logic in this. Windows has been the standard on PCs for years. Why change what is working? My feeling, however, is that giving people a choice makes them more comfortable in their decision to purchase.

Most people don’t know their ass from their elbows when it comes to computers. They have been using Windows for as long as they have had a computer, so they most likely won’t see any reason to switch. However, the number of people that want something new may be enough to warrant using the Google Chrome OS. Why? Because they realize that Microsoft has problems. I for example, refuse to upgrade to Vista, mostly because of the aesthetics. I hate the way it looks.
The only other choice out there is Apple, and the price of their computers is what keeps me away, as I am sure it does most other people. Why pay $1200 for a computer when I can get one with similar specs for half that? But I would like to have a choice in an OS.

Personally, I hate both Microsoft and Google. In my opinion, I think that Google is trying to bite off more than they can chew in the past couple of years. But, if what they are trying to achieve can give Microsoft a run for their money, then I’m all for it. Microsoft does what they want because there is no competition. Show of hands of people who are completely satisfied with Vista. Not many, I can assure you. Will Microsoft make any changes based on customer feedback? Probably not, and why should they? They did away with sales of XP so all that’s left is Vista, until Windows 7 is released in a few months. And I’m even more scared of that.

I don’t feel Google’s biggest hurdle is the hardware. I feel it’s the software. Computer programs have to be compatible with an operating system; we have all seen the Windows Version/ Mac Version. Will software companies be willing to develop programs for Chrome? Is there a market fr it? That is the real issue.

Look at one of the biggest selling computer programs out there; the Microsoft Office package. Will Microsoft develop an Office Suite that is compatible with Chrome? Not likely. Why would they want to feed their competition. But Microsoft is whores. They did eventually create an Office Suite to run on a Macintosh, who is their only competitor at the moment. They saw that there was a big enough market to warrant the production, and they are making money on the decision. So, if Google Chrome’s following is large enough, then they will. And other software manufacturers will follow suit, if they do not lead the way.

The whole situation is a Catch-22. I can see computer companies offering the new OS. There is no reason Dell can’t allow their customers the choice, being that many of their computers are custom built. But until the OS takes off somewhat substantially, then there won’t be much to do on the computers that run it. What good is a computer with no software? And until the software issue is resolved, many people will stay away from Chrome.

I’m happy for the plan Google has. I want a choice. I’m tired of being a slave to Microsoft. A little competition never hurt anyone, and it’s about time someone stepped up to challenge the giant that is Microsoft.

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