I’m beginning to think of the Kings of Leon as the Wyld Stallyns.

Now I realize that most everyone won’t get that reference, so let me explain.

In the movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Bill and Ted are a couple of slackers who concentrate more on their music than on their studies. Because of this, their academic future is in jeopardy, causing Ted’s father to threaten him with military school if he doesn’t clean up his act and get his grades up. It is after we learn this that Rufus makes his appearance and offers them the time-travelling phone booth. The purpose of the phone booth is to help Bill and Ted travel through history to learn about it first hand, giving them the knowledge they need to write their history final, which is to be read in front of the entire school, including the students and faculty.

Anyway, as you probably know, hijinx ensue as the two visit different eras and interact with famous figures, such as Billy the Kid and Socrates. But they gather up these heroes from history and pass their final exam.

But why was their passing history class so important?

As Rufus explains, if the two of them fail, then Ted will go to military school, an action that would split up their band, Wyld Stallyns. Rufus goes on to say that the music of the Wyld Stallyns has become so important to the future because of the way it unites society. Under their music, the future becomes of one mind, and everyone lives in peace. But, if Bill and Ted were to be separated, then Wyld Stallyns would not exist in the future, and there would be no unity.

Hearing a lot of the buzz concerning the band Kings of Leon, I feel that there is a definite connection between them and the Wyld Stallyns. Though the Kings of Leon have been around for years, they have recently been given a lot of exposure, with two popular songs playing on the radio, as well as their recent appearance on the MTV Movie awards. What I find staggering is that it seems everyone I talk to has a high opinion of the group.

Now, this is not an official survey or anything, but the Kings of Leon have been well received by many different people. This is somewhat surprising because popular bands tend to have their nay-sayers; peoples taste vary so not everyone will enjoy a particular genre of music. However, it seems that the Kings of Leon are immune to such variances. Once people hear “Use Somebody,” they tend to enjoy it.

As I said, I haven’t done an official survey, so I may be wrong. Perhaps I’m just reading too much into the popularity of a band that I’m somewhat partial to. Or maybe the Kings of Leon will be the catalyst to lead our society into a Utopia.

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