Bad-Ass Pumpkin Line-Up 2010

With Halloween coming around, I wanted to do a post showing off some cool and unique pumpkin-carving patterns and where to download them. However, as I began to scour the internet for these templates, I found one thing -- most of the sites offering the templates refuse to show them to you until you pony up some cash to purchase them. I can't really get mad at them; I mean, good for them if they've found a business that works and they can actually make some money. But I am upset that my blog post idea is now all shot to hell.

So instead of patterns, I'll go ahead and show you some really cool, already been carved pumpkins.

The Death Star and R2-D2
Who wouldn't like a pair of Star Wars themed jack-o-lanterns? Though there are probably millions on the internet, these were two of the best that I found.

Yvette's Inner Geek

The Derring Dos

Twitter's Fail Whale
In my opinion, if you're not on Twitter, you may as well not exist. And here is Twitter's unofficial mascot, at least during the times that it isn't working right (which, unfortunately, is quite often.)
Aurelle In Accidental Position

Pan's Labyrinth
Pan's Labyrinth was one hell of a movie, and, apparently, the characters make one hell of a pumpkin.
Barton's Blog

While not really bad-ass, as most of these entries have been, the technical aspect of this carving is amazing, which is why I included it here.

Predator and Alien
Separately, they make great movies. Together, not so much. But in pumpkin form... They have reclaimed their awesome-ness
Unreality magazine
Unreality Magazine

Nightmare Before Christmas
What list would be complete without a Nightmare Before Christmas entry? Well, not this one.
Adventures in Dullness

The Lantern Corps
Plixi wouldn't allow me to download the image to put up a preview here, but trust me. It's worth the click.

Now, bear in mind, this selection is only a smattering of the cool jack-o-lantern's out there. If I missed your favorites, then I apologize. But feel free to send them my way and I'll put them up at the Tumblr site.

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