War Is Heck: A Serial Drama, Or Something Part 2

So, as I was doing a little updating on the blog, I realized that it has been over a year since I posted the first strip from my serialized-war-drama-web-comic, War Is Heck. Seeing as how Halloween is a few weeks away, and my comic strip has nothing to do with Halloween, the occult, or anything even slightly scary, I decided it's a great time to post the second strip. (That, and I needed something to update with.)

So, here it is.

I could add some insight as to the creative process of this strip, or even explain the punchline, but I won't. Just like the writers and producers of Lost, I will allow you all to infer whatever deep meanings you would like.

I only have one strip left to show you, so maybe sometime in 2011, you will see it. Once I find these action figures, I will get to work (maybe) on making more. Until then, feel free to check out my sometimes updated, illustrated comic, Clit & Pecker.

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