Christmas Tradition Update!

Remember last year when I decided that making Ninjabread Cookies was going to be my new Christmas tradition? Well, I visited Five Below again not too long ago (and multiple times since then, actually) and discovered they had a new cookie kit from the geniuses behind Ninjabread.

Walking Gingerdead cookies.

That's right. Fucking zombie cookies.
Someone somewhere decided that a clever play on words for Christmas treats is "Walking Gingerdead" and blessed the world with zombie cookies for the rest of time.

That man deserves an award.

Five dollars later and I was at home anxiously awaiting a day when I would have time to make some fucking zombie cookies. This past Sunday was that day.

Just like the Ninjabread, the Walking Gingerdead kit comes with almost everything you'll need; you just need to supply butter, honey, powdered sugar and water. After mixing up the dough, you just use the supplied cookie cutters to make the shapes. Nine to eleven minutes in the oven, you have fresh zombie cookies as such:

Then comes the fun/tedious part: decorating! Unlike the ninjas, however, I was tapped for ideas on how to make zombies interesting. I had to enlist the help of Mrs. Idiot as I was growing bored quickly and running out of ideas.

Batch 1: Boring as fuck
It took us some time but we managed to get them all decorated and ready to eat. In fact, a couple of them didn't quite make it (because they got eaten).

Yes, I tried to make a Santa-Zombie. It looks like shit.
As you can see I'm just repeating themes...
Mrs. Idiot came up with the "Brains" one. That's why I love her.
Even though I didn't have as much fun with Walking Gingerdead as I did the Ninjabread cookies, I will still say that this kit was a rousing success. At the very least future batches of gingerbread flavored cookies will have multiple options now that I have a set of zombie cookie cutters available to me.


No more zombie-themed if that's what you were hoping for. More baking is what I mean.

I didn't want to end this post without showing you the shoddy peanut butter fudge and the Oreo Cookie Balls that I made.

Here's the fudge...

It looks even worse in this terrible photograph...
You can see the stripe where the sugar separated making the fudge brittle and gritty. It still tastes pretty good despite the texture and was pretty easy to make. If I do this again (which I likely won't) I'll probably use less sugar and not refrigerate it so quickly. That should help.

Now the Oreo Cookie Balls...

Man, I can't wait to put these balls in my mouth.
This recipe is literally crushed Oreo cookies mixed with cream cheese and dipped in white chocolate. It was Mrs. Idiot's idea to spruce them up with holiday sprinkles to make them more relevant for our Christmas trips. These came out awesome and if it wasn't for the fact that I am watching what I eat and we have to see so much family this week, I likely could have eaten them all. So in a way I'm glad it's Christmas.

This guy's here just because I like him.

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