That Time I Dreamed Stephen Amell was my BFF

Dreams are weird. Let me rephrase that: my dreams are weird. Granted, I tend to understand where most of them stem from. For example, the recurring dream I have where everything I look at is blurry and nothing I do fixes it manifests from my fear of going blind while my dreams about living in a city of buildings spewing industrial waste and a forest of mushrooms grows up all around me clearly manifests from the "What The Fuck" centers of my brain. But last night I had a strange dream and I just can't figure it out.

A dream where I became best friends with Arrow's Stephen Amell.

This guy.
It started simply enough. I was at a party with the Arrow cast (why I was allowed to attend such a party is never made clear) when I come upon David "Diggle" Ramsey and Colton "Roy Harper" Haynes discussing their dissatisfaction with the snack selection. I point to a plate of Salsa Con Queso (yes, a plate; what animal puts Salsa Con Queso on a plate instead of a bowl is beyond me) and say "I'd kill my mother to get more of that. But I mean like a 'lifetime supply' more. I wouldn't hurt my mother for that little bit."

Tostitos® Salsa Con Queso: So good,
you'll mata your mamá for más.
We have a small laugh at my wittiness when I realize someone behind me is cracking up. I turn to find Stephen Amell listening in on the conversation. He seemed to like the cut of my jib as we spent the rest of the party shooting the shit and having a good time.

That's when the montage started because apparently I dream in '80s movie tropes. Anyway, Stephen and my friendship develops and he takes me on a tour of the Arrow set and teaches me how to use the salmon ladder. We also get some friendly ribbing from Katie "Laurel Lance" Cassidy about our budding bro-mance.

"You guys are so gay for each other."
Also, I accompany Stephen to an awards show where an intrepid photographer takes a picture of him putting me in a half-headlock as we laugh about a joke only the two of us get. Which may have validated Dream-Katie-Cassidy's accusations.

"...seriously. So, so gay."
At this point, most sane people would have woken up but if you scroll down you'll see another two paragraphs of this so clearly I don't fall into this camp. The next part of the dream takes place a few years later. I go to Stephen's house (which, since I've never seen his house, my brain substituted with a stylized version of a middle-school-friend's house which doesn't seem to fit as this house had a very rustic look but I imagine Stephen to be more into a modern ambiance but I digress and also should probably seek professional help) to find that his wife has left on a Girl's Day Out leaving him to watch his daughter. He didn't realize that his wife already had plans when he told me to come over and didn't want to disappoint her but after a long night of shooting the fatigue was evident on his face so he asked me to look after his daughter for a little bit while he catches a nap for an hour.

I say sure, no problem and he goes into the other room while me and the tyke watch cartoons for a bit. Normally, his daughter is well tempered but today she was very finicky and the cartoons only satisfied her for so long. I then tried to teach her how to play a video game (oddly a Guardians of the Galaxy game). But again, her heart wasn't in it so she tosses the controller and walks away. I calmly explain to her (because again, she's usually a very well-behaved child and just seems to be fussy today) that it's not nice to throw things because you could break something or hurt someone. That's when Stephen comes back into the room. I apologize for reprimanding his daughter as I didn't want to step on his toes but he said it was OK and that he couldn't fall asleep and heard the whole thing anyway.

That's about the time that I woke up which was a good thing as I probably may have slipped into madness if it went on any longer.

Sooo... Does anyone want to tell me what it all means?

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  1. Wow. I think you just watch too much Arrow, that's my scientific theory. Just curious as to the absence of Summer Glau? Hmm. Strange!


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