What's In The Box? episode 14: The Bam Box - Crazy

In the immortal words of the poet Seal, "We're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy". The good folks over at The Bam Box certainly took that sentiment to heart and made it the theme of their August box. "Crazy" is chock full of items featuring some of the most mentally unstable characters in pop culture. So what did I get? Why don't you hit Play on the video below and find out?

Not into videos? I got photos for ya. (Though I could use some views on my videos. Just sayin'.)

Designed by Kelly Ferguson. I tried to find a website for her but no luck,
Designed and signed by Jason Oakes. Now his website I did find. Both of them.
All I need is some fava beans and a nice Chianti and I'll be set. (Oh, and a human liver.)
Anyone read this? Is it any good?
I finally have a mascot. I've never had a mascot before.
A shame I can't listen to this. Ah, well. At least it can sit on a shelf collecting dust.

If you liked what you saw and want to start getting The Bam Box for yourself, head over to their site and sign up. It's only $38 shipped and features some of the coolest, most unique items I've ever seen in a subscription box. In addition to the swag, all subscribers have access to the Community, which allows you to trade items with other users. For instance, I can try to trade my Mask pin for an Ace Ventura one (I'm not going to, but I could). That's another aspect of The Bam Box that makes it special; not having to haggle with eBay or Craigslist to get stuff that you really want.

(Oh, and just a heads up: September's theme is "Strange" and features an item from the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. If you're a fan of that show, you probably don't want to miss out on this one.)

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See ya next time!

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