NYCC: A Whovian In New York

A Tardis! I didn't get it,
but I want it!
This past Friday, Michael and I traveled into New York City to visit the New York Comic Con. This is the second year we attended and, at first, I really wasn't too happy, mostly because my feet starting hurting by the time we got there and we had to walk ALL THE WAY around the building to get on line. We waited there for about a half an hour until they opened the doors then, of course, we had to walk ALL THE WAY around the building to get in. To top it off, some girl in front of us almost hit me in the eye with her pink, paper sword, so I wasn't too happy about that. Needless to say, I was a little grumpy.

But by the time we got into the Javits Center, I was a little happier, especially after seeing a Doctor Who booth.


The booth was run by DoctorWhoStore.com and they literally had everything you could possible want from Doctor Who. OK, maybe not everything, but almost. Like posters, toys, sonic screwdrivers, DVDs, Daleks... Not kidding about the Dalek. Check it out.

Fezs ARE cool!
What's also awesome is that they had a fez. Yes, I bought one. Know why? Because fezs are cool.

I also got a Sonic Screwdriver pen (Matt Smith, MY Doctor) and a TARDIS pendant.

But what was really cool is that Ian McNeice, who played Winston Churchill was there signing autographs. And I got one! And took a picture with him and the Dalek!

Lauren & Ian, BFF

I also got this cool set with mini-figures of all 11 Doctors, and an Amy Pond figure with her dressed in the Police uniform.

With all of this cool Doctor Who stuff that was available, I think they should change the name from "New York Comic Con" to "WHO York Comic Con"!

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