8 Awesome Halloween Costumes of Kids

Many people believe that Halloween is a holiday for kids and for the most part, I can understand their opinions; a big party of Halloween is trick-or-treating which most kids abandon by the time they're 13. But that doesn't mean they lose their love for the holiday. Kids like that tend to grow up adoring October and everything that comes along with it, throwing awesome Halloween parties in the process and dressing up at every opportunity they can.

But how does that love for Halloween start? Why do some kids grow out of the holiday so easily while others retain their desire to dress up in outlandish costumes and have a great time? I think it all depends on their parents perspective of Halloween. Sure, buying the kid a store bought costume may give them a few hours of fun on the 31st as their collecting candy from neighbors like a panhandler on the streets on New York but that doesn't mean it's going to foster a deep-seated love. Some parents, however, choose to go the extra mile and really make Halloween special, creating some original, homemade costumes, including their kids in the project.

I've found a few images of some really awesome kids in awesome costumes and probably be the next generation that prolongs the Halloween tradition.

Mega Man
Retro gaming never seems to go out of fashion, with older games now available on newer consoles through places like Nintendo E-Shop and PSN. But what happens when your kid wants to dress up like Mega Man, a character that passed his heyday during the Super Nintendo years? well, like any good parent, you make your kid a Mega Man costume and send them out there for some free candy! Oh, and for good measure, this site, Instructables.com, has full instructions on how this costume was made which can be scaled for adult sizes.

Lego Indiana Jones
This costume is awesome on two levels. Not only did the kid want to be a Lego person for Halloween (as described in the story on Instructables.com [and yes, there are instructions on how to make this costume]) but he wanted to be Lego Indiana Jones specifically. A friend of mine dressed as Indiana Jones one year, but this was back in 1988 when Indy was still relevant. It's great to see stuff like this, from back in my childhood, find new life with children today. It gives me comfort to know that I liked all the really cool shit.

Found on GeekBabyClothes
Judging by the floor this one looks to have been taken at some sort of comic convention but I'm including it anyway. That costume is so intense, with so much detailing that it's pretty hard to ignore. I'd bet that the parents that made this are huge in the cosplay community and raising their child to fit right in. I hope this kid chooses to follow in their parents' footsteps because it looks like s/he comes from pretty talented stock.

Found on ImgAce
Harry Potter and Cerebus
Yes, I know Harry Potter costumes are a dime a dozen and this one isn't really that impressive. I'm including this for the dog. That Cerebus costume is hilarious. Letting a kid go trick-or-treating with the family dog is endearing, in my mind, and dressing the dog up to complement the kid's costume is just going the extra mile. Kudos to this parent for considering this awesome pairing.

Found on EpBot
Calvin and Hobbes
This mother made not one but two costumes for her kids. Granted, the Calvin costume is pretty easy, blue pants and a red-striped shirt, but that Hobbes costume is cute, is not simplistic. It at least gives the impression of the character without covering up the girl's entire face. But anyway, that Hobbes doll is completely handmade so there's that. And how often do you see a Calvin and Hobbes costume anyway? Anything that celebrates Bill Waterson's premier creation is thumbs-up by me.

Found on Lovelyish
Kip from Napoleon Dynamite
Back in 2004, Napoleon Dynamite hit theaters and its irreverent humor polarized audiences. While Napoleon seems like a natural choice for a Halloween costume, with his bushy, red hair, funny glasses, and tired stare, this kid decided he would be better off as Napoleon's awkward-yet-confident older brother, Kip. I love how they pulled this costume off, with the straight mustache and the "Lafawnduh" sign. I hope this kid never loses his desire to dress as offbeat movie characters.

Found on MommyShorts
Walter White
Who wouldn't want to dress up as a meth-cooking, ex-high school teacher for Halloween? I've seen a couple of Walter White costumes online but this one really stuck out to me. Besides the crappy bald-cap, I like that they choose to portray White in his toxic waste uniform instead of in a flannel shirt and khakis. And I give credit for including the props, a sandwich baggie of bright, blue rocks. There's a part of me that hopes that it's actual rock candy.

Found on WeKnowMemes
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Don't know who Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is? He's the guy from the History Channel documentary Ancient Aliens that believe aliens controlled the creation of Earth and the evolution of man. What I like most about this costume is that not only did this kid dress like an obscure, if not slightly insane, scientist, but he dressed like a meme based on the guy. Now that's clever.

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