Doing Halloween Right At Williams-Sonoma

Well, October is finally here and you know what that means. You can't go into any retail establishment without tripping over some sort of Halloween decoration. (Actually, that probably started around early September but why quibble.) Personally, I love going down to Target and checking out the range of new Halloween products they have.

Come November 1st, this will look like a
scene from The Warriors

But more than that, I love seeing all of the new products that come out celebrating the holiday. I was perusing Williams-Sonoma the other day and stumbled upon what's probably the coolest cake pan I've ever seen.

My wife loves to bake and every now and then, she will experiment with something outlandish that comes out so amazing. When I saw that cake pan, she was the first thing that popped into my mind. I imagined her making some kind of super spooky Skull cake filled with a strawberry/blackberry preserve. Frost that bitch with some French vanilla icing and a couple of maraschino cherries in the eyes sockets and you have an awesomely creepy cake for Halloween.

I almost bought it for her on the spot. Then I saw the price. I don't really think that $40 is a bad price for a cake pan like that, especially considering that it's a 3D pan which generally can get pretty pricey. But I just can't justify a purchase like that right before Christmas. I will be keeping my eye on it, though, and as soon as that thing goes on sale, I'm swooping in and buying it right away.

Also, be sure to check out some of the other Skull-themed items Williams-Sonoma has. That punch bowl would make an excellent centerpiece for a Halloween party. And you can make Skull Pancakes the next morning to fight off that hangover.


  1. Wow! That cake pan is amazing. Imagine flaming eyes - cherries flambee.

  2. Rusty, you are my new favorite hero. I hadn't even considered that but that sort of cake would be AWESOME!


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