Bad-Ass Pumpkin Line-Up 2013

October's here so that means it's time for a brand new edition of Bad-Ass Pumpkin Line Up! I have to say, I really love doing these, just because it allows me the chance to see so many awesome pumpkin carvings and to really get jealous at the talent of some people out there. When I first started this column, I thought that eventually I would just wind up seeing the same pumpkins over and over again. But I was surprised to see that with each year that goes by, there is a plethora of new pumpkin carvings for me to choose from.

So, without further ado, the pumpkins.

Jack Skellington:
I've seen a lot of Jack Skellington pumpkins in my travels to do this series (I've even carved one myself), but this one is hands-down bad-ass. There is so much tiny detail in the carving, like the thin stripes of his suit, that are just astounding. I can only imagine how long this took to carve.
Carved by Alex Wer

Not a traditional Jack-O-Lantern here. This is more like a pumpkin sculpture. I love this one because it shows that with a little vision and a lot of talent, a pumpkin can be manipulated in so many ways.
Made by Sketchy-Stories

Super Heroes:
A great carving example. That Spider-Man one is probably one of the best that I've seen so far. The Iron Man and Batman pumpkins, while not as impressive, are still really well done.

Found on Snappy Pixels

Made by Brendan Clary

Found on Hi Consumption

The Jokers:
A wide range of Joker incarnations here. And this is only a drop in the bucket. while I wasn't a fan of Nicholson's Joker, that carving is excellent.

Found on Girl Gone Geek
Found on The Atomic Geeks

Found on Ask The eBay Queen

I didn't know where to group this one so she gets her own heading. Again, its the detail that gets me.

Found on io9

The Legend of Zelda:
I haven't seen too many Zelda-themed pumpkins so to find four of them, each one fantastically well done, was exciting. I really love that young Link on Epona one.

Found on Imgur
Found on Zoom Times

Created by Adam Smith, Pumpkin Carver

Made by ph4nt

Seeing this latest round of pumpkins really has me stoked for Halloween. In case you haven't had enough, feel free to look back on our past entries of Bad-Ass Pumpkin Line-Up.

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