The "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Trailer Is Here!

I know I haven't been talking about it much but I'm ridiculously excited for Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel movie opening in August based on the intergalactic adventures of one of their lesser known super teams. The sheer fact that Marvel decided to bring GotG (as those in the know refer to them) to the big screen is a bold move in itself; the team features a talking raccoon with an attitude and a machine gun and a sentient tree. But with the images that were being released, and the 15 second teaser for the trailer, I'm completely stoked for this movie.

If you haven't seen it yet, I'm not sure where you've been, but here it is:

I know, right?!

From the trailer alone, I can tell that I'm going to love the humor of the movie. Unlike those other blockbuster movies packed with childish humor that only a 4-year-old would laugh at (or a director with the mentality of a 4-year-old) the humor in Guardians is genuine, and that's mostly through the efforts of Chris Pratt. I'm not familiar with Pratt's body of work but a co-worker told me he's in Parks and Recreation (and that's all I need to know, apparently). From what I see, Pratt is awesome as Star-Lord; based on the trailer alone he brings a great, mouthy quality to the part. I don't know if this is how Star-Lord is portrayed in the comics but it's an interesting take on the character regardless.

The rest of the cast looks pretty spectacular as well. Zoe Saldana looks great as Gamora. What I like most about her is that she's a pretty kick-ass action star. Her roles in Star Trek, Colombiana, and Avatar have shown that she can hold her own in action scenes and from the few shots here, Gamora gets into quite a bit of action.

I am so excited to see how director James Gunn handle Rocket and Groot. If their relationship plays off like they describe in the trailer, they'll be a pretty humorous and awesome pair. Kind of like Riggs and Murtaugh without all the "I'm getting too old for this shit" stuff. Gunn has been in the news talking about the care he put into bringing Rocket Raccoon to film so I trust he's going to be treated more than just a comedic foil, which makes me even happier.

The one thing I'm worried about, though, is Dave Bautista. While he definitely has the look to pull of a great Drax, I can't speak for his acting ability. I can speak for the cheesy WWE promos that he's done and if I judge based on that, I'm really worried. But the good part about Drax is that he more muscle than talk so as long as they maintain that ratio, it shouldn't be a problem.

There is one thing i was disappointed with in the trailer and that was the lack of Karen Gillan. Playing the role of Nebula, Gillan is one of the film's villains and I really wanted to see more of her in action. I loved her in her role as Amy Pond on Doctor Who and was extremely excited when they announced she was attached to the film. But the trailer only gave us two quick shots of her and I really wanted to see more. I guess I'll just need to wait until August to get what I want. Or the inevitable second trailer. Whichever.

Finally, I loved the presentation of the trailer. Clearly an unseen star of these two and a half minutes is "Hooked On a Feeling" by Blue Swede. The joke is that the song is coming from Star-Lord's walkman and its use sets the tone for the film. This isn't another over-the-top science fiction movie, the like that seem to crop up every now and then only to disappear into obscurity. Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun romp through outer space that doesn't take itself too seriously, an attitude that worked with the classic Fifth Element. That's the most important thing about a movie like Guardians, that it doesn't get bogged down in self-congratulatory story-telling. It needs to be light and fun in order to gain the wide-spread appeal movies need to be successful. Based on the trailer, it's done just that.

There's only about six months until Guardians hits theaters and that time is going to seem like it's dragging. Luckily we have a number of big movies this year to help tide us over, like The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But even with all of those high-profile comic book movies on the horizon, I find myself looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy the most.

Oh, and a fun fact! August 1st is the same day that another Marvel movie opened in theaters. What movie, you ask? Howard the Duck

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  1. I didn't even think about 'The Fifth Element' but that's a pretty straight on comparison to the tone I was hoping for. This is my new must watch movie of the year.


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