What's In The Box? episode 13: August Dino Drac Funpack

According to the Dinosaur Dracula calendar, we may already in full Halloween Countdown mode but I'm still stuck in summer here, covered in a skin-stinging sunburn. But luckily Dino Drac is helping me get over my summertime blues in the form of the latest Funpack. Unlike most subscription boxes, and even past Funpacks, this one isn't entirely themed per se, but it does try to fuse summer with Halloween (Summoween?)to help get those spooky spirits up.

So does the August Funpack hold up to this promise? See for yourself.

Need a closer view of each of the items? Well, hold onto your horses, killer. I'm getting there.
"Pop Rocks and Kool-Aid" is my new 90s-alt-rock cover band name.
And here we have Blaze...And Lazer...and Blazer...
Every picture I took of the cards came out like garbage.
This is the least garbage one.
I had no energy to take more.
I'm serious about the stickers thing. Leave a comment and tell me what I should do.
I need to set up a play scene with all the tiny toys I  get from Dino Drac.
Panini sticker books were my absolute FAVORITE as a kid.
I look forward to the ugly poster each month.
Like the Funpack? Sign up to start getting it! It's only $25 shipped for a boxful for nostalgia and memories. Plus you'll be helping to keep the Dino Drac website in business so it's a win/win for everyone.

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