Bad-Ass Pumpkin Line-Up 2012

October is back! Well, actually, it's more than half over so I suppose I'm a little late with this. But since it's been a bit of a tradition here at Caution: Idiot At Play, I needed to do a new Bad-Ass Pumpkin Line-Up.

There are always tons of creative people creating brand new pumpkins each year. Though many of them turn out to be pretty crappy, there are quite a few that kick all kinds of ass. Here are a few that I found on this great big internet. (Feel free to revisit our past BAPLUs for more face-melting awesomeness.)

Ghostbusters & Hunger Games
A couple of simply carved yet recognizable pumpkins here. I'm a huge fan of Ghostbusters so finding this was a joy. And with the popularity of Hunger Games, there's no doubt that the Mockingjay would be coveted by millions. (Unfortunately, I don't know the carver of the Ghostbusters pumpkin so if you know who did this, let me know!)

By Ramsey The Arab

Calvin And Hobbes
Bill Waterson wasn't the kind of guy to sell his soul to the devils of advertising which is why you don't see a lot of Calvin and Hobbes merchandise everywhere. But as it's one of the most recognizable comic strips of all time, it's got a ton of fans who want to pay tribute to the imaginative young boy and his pet stuffed tiger. While it's not the iconic image of Calvin pissing on Ford or Honda or the New York Yankees, this pumpkin is a lot classier.

By 50an6xy06r6n

Raccoon Mario
Remember Super Mario Bros 3 and the joy of flying through the air after collecting the feather as Raccoon Mario? Relive that moment with this sweet, highly-detailed pumpkin.

Found on Some Girl from Canada
Iron Man
Speaking of highly detailed, you can almost feel the heat coming from the lasers on the Iron Man pumpkin. If there was ever something that epitomized "bad-ass", it's this.

Found on Techeblog

Wonder Woman
This particular pattern seems to have been done over and over but it's a very striking image. Iconic in it's delivery, it is highly recognizable and very well done.

Found on I Heart Wonder Woman

Who doesn't love Gizmo? Even despite all the rules that need to be followed to keep a pet Mogwai, I wish I had one as a kid. This particular pumpkin is carved in a less traditional way, but that doesn't stop it from oozing bad-assity. 

By Villafane Studios

Though not the first Charizard pumpkin I've featured here at C:IaP, this one is jaw-dropping. The character pose is highly dynamic and the detail is stellar. I'm a sucker for Pokemon so this one is outrageous.

Found on Techeblog

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