What's In The Box? episode 3: Owlcrate's "Royalty" Box

Well, last week was a good week for subscription boxes. Not only did I get my June Funpack on Saturday but I came home to TWO other boxes on my front stoop on Wednesday. This edition of "What's In The Box?" digs through the OwlCrate, which we get because, though I consider myself a book lover, The Nerdy Pumpkin is big into YA literature, which OwlCrate specializes in.

The theme of the box is "Royalty" and OwlCrate delivered on that big time. Check out the full unboxing.

Looking back on the video I realize I said "box" a shitload of times. Oh, well. That's what happens when you get a stack of bo...packages to rifle through.

If you ain't got time for no video and just want to see what we got, here ya go!

Cleverly illustrates the box's theme.
I believe this is the 4th Ariel in our collection.
Magnetic bookmarks, how do they work?! (Check out Crafted Van for more!)
Rich Love Shoppe has a TON of cool stuff on their Etsy store.

If you want to check out "My Lady Jane", you can get it from Amazon.
If you take a selfie with the crown, you may win a free box. I'm considering it.
This is the note. You can't really read it.
Heard good things about "The Red Queen". I may need to check it out.
And that is it! I have to say, I'm really excited for next month's box. Having a dual theme like "Good vs. Evil" is an interesting concept and I can't wait to see which one we get. (I'm hoping for "Evil" which just guarantees that we'll get "Good".) If you want in on the action, head over to OwlCrate and sign up. It's only $35 shipped, which isn't bad considering what you get. You can even purchase past boxes if you want this one for yourself.

Thanks for watching! Come back soon for another "What's In The Box?"!

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