What's In The Box? episode 2: June Dino Drac Funpack

Hey, y'all! Welcome to another installment of What's In The Box? Today we're taking a look at the Dinosaur Dracula Funpack for the month of June. I've been getting the Funpack for a little over a year now and this one is the most..."obscure" is maybe the right word? Matt at Dino Drac described the box as Eclectic and after looking through it, I have to say that's the best way to put it.

Check out the full unboxing here:

Dig that box? Head over to Dinosaur Dracula to sign up for yourself. It's only $25 a month, which includes shipping. Early in the month, Matt compiles a post of all the items in the upcoming box so you can use that to make your purchasing decision.(He managed to rope me in with a Mac Tonight figure and I have zero regrets.)

For your convenience, here are pics of what the June box contained.

Opening boxes is hungry work. (That's what she said [???])
Slightly blurry. Still ugly.
Let's hope these little bastards bring me some good luck.
Dino Drac has single-handedly dragged me back into the Pog fandom.
Can't go wrong with ET in drag

I also now see that I cannot read. "Where Are They?" Not "where are they now".

Orko, Alf and Stripe. This is the 80s in one picture.
What other subscription box will send you cereal? Besides "Loot Cereal" I mean.
I can't tell you how much I look forward to the poster and sticker in each box.
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