What's In The Box? episode 4: Marvel Collector Corps' 'Women of Power'

Wow, I can't believe I have another "What's In The Box?" ready to go. The fourth one in a month. Man, I'm really glad that my bills are getting paid.

Anyway, this latest box comes from Funko, the guys that take a good chunk of my paycheck every two weeks. It's the Marvel Collector Corps (despite the fact that I keep calling it "Collector's Corps" in the video, probably because I'm an idiot like that). The theme of this box is "Women of Power" which basically covers a good chunk of the Marvel Universe.

Curious to see what's in the box? Well, anticipate no longer!

Oh, you're here just to see the items up close? No worries. I gotchu covered...

I need a sash like the Girl Scouts have for all of these patches.
Gonna wear the hell out of this shirt.
Is Civil War II worth the time? I'm thinking no. Cool cover, though.
A good sculpt on She Hulk, but just a very plain pose.
Carol Danvers Captain Marvel is always welcome...
...as is Squirrel Girl. Fucking Squirrel Girl, yo!
And there you go! "Women of Power" turned out to be a pretty decent box. Not my favorite of the bunch; that honor goes to the Guardians of the Galaxy box from December) but probably a close second.

Want the Marvel Collector Corps for yourself? Head over to their site and sign up! Tell 'em Idiot At Play sent ya! You...you won't get anything special for saying that but don't let that stop you. The next box is Spider-Man so if you're a fan of the wall-crawler, you probably don't want to miss that.

Thanks again for checking out "What's In The Box?" and I'll be back sooner with yet another video I'm not even kidding. I already have two other boxes I need to record. Sweet Christ, I'm so glad I have a roof over my head.)

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