Look Out! Here Comes the Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

Watching the trailer has gotten me slightly more excited for the reboot. It has always been a given that I would be seeing this movie, but I was really annoyed when they announced a reboot of the franchise after Sam Raimi left. It just seemed pointless to me to reboot Spider-Man after three movies.

But whatever. So far, most of the movie looks pretty good. I do have some nitpicks about it. Nothing that will change my mind about the movie; I'm still more than willing to give it a chance.
For starters, I'm not crazy about the costume redeisgn. They stayed faithful to the original costume, which I'm happy with, but the tweaks just don't excite me enough to get behind it 100%. Although the more I see of it, the more it grows on me. But of course, this is coming from a guy who still holds out hope that the Scarlet Spider costume will make a movie apperance, so I may not be the authority here.

I am, however, glad that they're including the mechanical webshooters. Raimi and Tobey Maguire really pulled off the organic shooters in the first trilogy, so I really have no complaints. But let's be honest. Running out of web-fluid at the most inopportune moment is part of the "Parker Luck", and really goes along with making Peter Parker the kind of super hero he is. He doesn't have a lot of money, and it's clear that the web-fluid is expensive to make. So how does a Spider-Man manage to keep himself well stocked on web-fluid? Well, sometimes, he doesn't. And he has to go for days rationing what he has until the Daily Bugle's check posts in his account, which, of course, is the day after the Chameleon plans a hostage situation at the UN building. This is Spider-Man.

Now back the things I don't like. Andrew Garfield's hair. Peter Parker is supposed to be a dork. A geek. Completely out of touch with what's supposed to be cool. So to give him a hair cut that makes him look like Pauly D's younger cousin... That really falls flat. It's so out of place, not to mention out of character, that it's distracting. Maybe after he gets the spider powers does his hair style change a little. That I can accept. But from the very beginning? Not digging it.

Lastly, I'm really not a fan of the POV shot in the trailer. Don't get me wrong; it looks great. And I like how it makes the audience see everything like Spider-Man would. That really enhances the experience of seeing the movie. But, unfortunately, it reminds me too much of this. No matter how well done it is, Doom still did it first. And I'm sure that scene is only in there to take advantage of the 3D.

This movie has a lot of positives (at least in my mind) going for it, too. I like the angle that they took including Peter's parents at the beginning. It opens things up to how Peter got orphaned, and not just that he's an orphan. And also Martin Sheen. Martin fucking Sheen is playing Uncle Ben. That's awesome casting. Uncle Ben is sure to have a small role in the movie, but he is the driving force behind Peter being Spider-Man. And Martin Sheen... That's worth ten bucks right there.

All in all, the Amazing Spider-Man trailer is well put together. I like it more than I like the trailer for the Dark Knight Rises. Though I wish they included a shot of the Lizard, just even the quickest of glimpses, I'll guess this will have to do. I just hope they aren't trying to keep the Lizard design under wraps until the movie opens, like Tri-star tried to do with Godzilla back in 1998. Man, was that disappointing.

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