What's In The Box? episode 12: Marvel Collector Corps "Spider-Man"

OK, so it does look like I've been slacking on the What's In The Box? videos lately and while that may be true, I have a really good reason for it. Now, it is a fact that I've had a stack of boxes (is 3 a stack?) since Thursday of last week, however, I haven't had time to record any unboxings because this past weekend was devoted to The Sexy Armpit and the filming of the Halloween Special 2016 (look for it in early October!). So with that consuming the entirety of the weekend, I had to eke out a little time to even record anything.Which, surprisingly, I was able to do.

In my kitchen.

So take a gander at the latest Marvel Collector Corps box, which focused 100% on Spider-Man, who just happens to be my all-time favorite super hero! (This is my second "MCC" box featured on What's In The Box. Head here if you want to see "Women of Power".)

Don't worry. I haven't forgotten you non-video watching lurkers. I have pics just for you!

Love this action Spidey.
I like the style of Fabrications but just can't find it in myself to start collecting them.
Not a shirt. That's all that matters.
And there you have it. Quick video, quick post. If you like the Marvel Collector Corps box and want to get it for yourself, head over to their site and sign up. Also, if you liked the video, make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don't miss out on future unboxings. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest from Caution: Idiot At Play! (Oh, there's a Facebook, too, if that's your thing.)

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