What's In The Box? Episode The Big "One Oh": The Bam Box - Galactic

Holy crapbot, have I really done ten episodes of What's In The Box? That blows my mind since I never seem to stick with anything long enough to become accomplished (as evidenced by the huge gaps of time that this blog goes without updates). So having done ten episodes in two months is just astounding.

Anyhoo, today's entry is our second Bam Box being featured on WItB (all courtesy of The Nerdy Pumpkin's subscription). The theme for July was "Galactic" and featured a bunch of keen outer space-themed goodies like... Well, how about you watch the video and take a look for yourself?

Oh, are you one of those "I don't watch videos, just give me the pictures" type? Ugh, fine. Here they are...

Part of me is content with Rocket while part of me wishes I got Groot.
Not entirely sure what I'll do with these... (They're nicely made, though.)
An odd addition, I will say. But at least it's not another fucking t-shirt.

Alien: Resurrection is still not as bad as AvP: Requiem.
I honestly thought this was a bookend and they forgot the second one.

Check out more of Logan Pack's art on his Instagram. (He's damn good.)
Don't forget that signing up for The Bam Box gives you access to their trading community, which allows you to trade any item that's not to your liking with other subscribers, saving you the hassle of trying to eBay anything or the waste of throwing it out.

And now I need your help. Being on episode 10 makes me realize that this channel could go stale real quick if I don't switch it up so I'm looking for suggestions for new subscription boxes to try. If you know of any that you think I might like, let me know. You can comment below or hit me up on various social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, or even god awful Facebook. If you have an affiliate link, feel free to drop that, too. I won't guarantee that I'll sign up for every box recommended to me or that yours will be the affiliate link that I use, but if I can help one of my readers make a little bit of money, I'll be happy to do so.

Thanks again for watching and keep it close for more What's In The Box?!

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