A Plethora of Snacks: Tell 'Em About the Twinkie Edition Part II

On the last episode of "Caution: Idiot At Play", I showcased an ass-ton of Snack Cakes I picked up over the past few weeks. However, to say that was all I had at my disposal would be untrue. In actuality, there are two other flavors of Twinkies that just seemed to warrant their own blog post.

You may have seen them already...

As a tie-in to the new Ghostbusters movie (in theaters July 15th!) Hostess did the only logical thing and released not one but two special flavors of Twinkies. I was only able to obtain these bad boys through the help of The Sexy Armpit's Jay and his relentless search to find them.

So without further ado, let's tear into some Limited Edition Twinkies!

Also with toys!
Key Lime Slime
As the first of the new cakes to be announced, this was the one I've been salivating for the longest. Off the bat, it was certainly a novel choice by Hostess to add some flavor to the Twinkies, to help make these more special than your standard run of the mill Twinkies. But to choose a flavor like Key Lime is definitely bold.

The best part is, though, the cream is actually green. Which makes sense being that it's supposed to represent slime. It's possible that I'm making a big deal over a small detail but I don't really care. The cream is green!

As you can see from the tiny holes in the bottom.
Tearing open the package, the first thing that hit me was the smell. These things are ridiculously aromatic, with the smell of the lime practically grabbing me by the nostrils and pulling me closer.

So how do they taste? Before trying them I heard a few less than positive things about these Twinkies, mostly that the citrus flavor doesn't mesh well with the cake. However, I have to say the opposite; the subtle lime cream is a welcome change to the standard Twinkie fare. It's the slight tartness that tickles the palette and complements the yellow cake.

And while I do have to question the choice of naming them "Key Lime Slime" (why not just Key Slime? It's so much simpler), it is a shame that the key lime flavor is limited. I wouldn't mind having these available more often.

But Ghostbusters fans got more than just the slime Twinkies this year. Long after these were announced, Hostess dropped a bombshell on us in the form of an entirely new flavor.

White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies
Stay Puft is one of the most iconic characters from the original Ghostbusters so using him in any promotional material just instantly makes the product more memorable. And one of the best parts of Stay Puft is that he has his own built in flavor profile. Additionally, marshmallow makes an excellent cream flavor and what's a Twinkie without cream? It's garbage is what it is.

Now these guys are Walmart exclusives so if you're out hunting for them, don't waste your time checking anywhere else. That will probably make them even harder to find, though, since everyone knows exactly where to go and the shelves will probably be cleared out (I still haven't seen them in the stores).

In addition to the marshmallow-flavored cream-filling, these guys are covered in a thin coating of white fudge, making them look just like Mr. Stay Puft. It's a genius marketing move if I've ever seen one.

So how are they? Pretty awesome. The marshmallow filling is like super whipped Fluff, light in texture but powerful in flavor. However, they are extraordinarily sweet. The white fudge is, like, really, really strong, but it does blend well with the marshmallow. However, all of those flavors wash out the taste of the yellow cake, making it feel like eating a tubular piece of white chocolate cake.

Summary: they are fantastic, without a doubt, but it's a good thing these aren't sold as two-packs because it's hard to eat more than one in a single sitting.

And luckily that's all that I have for snack cakes. I'm probably going to gain twelve pounds from these five boxes of cupcakes but in the end, it was all worth it.

You know, posts like these are always bittersweet (no pun intended). I always seem to find foods that I enjoy, so it's really easy to write about them. I'm really looking forward to the day I finally pick up a fattening, artery-clogging junk food that makes me regret everything in my life. I'm sure that will make a great post.

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