What's In The Box? episode 8: July Dino Drac Funpack

Well, we've made it back around since starting "What's In The Box?'. You probably remember the unboxing of the June Funpack from Dinosaur Dracula (if you don't you should probably go check it out), and here we are taking a look at July's. How about that?

As you probably know, unlike most subscription boxes, the Funpack doesn't really have a theme, but often it doesn't need one. So since I can't give you much background, let's just jump right into it.

And I know some people just want to look at the items so I am happy to oblige. (Also, the pictures are really terrible since I used an old camera. I'll be sure to go back to my regular camera next time.)

No Funpack is complete without snacks.
The Mystery bag. It's like a Funpack in the Funpack!
The Nerdy Pumpkin loves these games so she's a fan of "Where Are They?"
Unfortunately, Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend is not on Netflix, but you can rent or buy it on Amazon.
Comic Ball... I would have preferred more sports than just baseball but whatevs.
Hombre Lobo. The "star" of the box.
Trading card poster and the trading cards they promote? Card-ception!
I love The Legend of Zelda so this was damn exciting.
I need a decent binder for all these ugly posters.
This Funpack was extra special since it was its two-year anniversary. Twenty four magnificent months of nostalgic goodness, even though I've only been with it for 16 months. Regardless, that's a heck of a milestone.

If you're interested in getting the Funpack for yourself, head over to Dinosaur Dracula and sign up. It's only $25 shipped for all this cool junk!

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