What's In The Box? episode 5: The Bam Box's "The 80s" Box

As a product of the 1980s, I have a true fondness for that decade. Growing up on classic cartoons like "ThunderCats" and "Masters of the Universe" to some of the greatest movies of all time like Ghostbusters, The Breakfast Club and Weird Science is the reason I was very excited to hear from The Nerdy Pumpkin that the theme for one of her subscription boxes was going to be "The 80s".

"Which box?" I asked enthusiastically.

I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you the answer she gave me since you probably already read it from the title above, but to be clear it in The Bam Box.

Check out the cool swag from the box!

If you want more radical 80s junk in your face, then this is all you!

Kinda hoping to find a Sloth pin next.

Be sure to check out my cheesy "Sunglasses at Night" pic, too!

N clue who this guy is. Can anyone help?
Gonna go back in time.

This is the best...around.
One really cool aspect of the Bam Box is the Community part of their site. It sounds like a commune but in actuality it's more like a trading outpost. Since the items in each box vary, they allow subscribers to trade with one another to get things more to their liking (I'm probably gonna try this out with that animation sketch because I'd much prefer a Real Ghostbusters one). However, you have to be a Bam Box subscriber to participate in the Community so make sure you sign up!

Thanks again for watching! Check back soon for more What's In The Box?!

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