What's In The Box? episode 7: Legion of Collector's 'Suicide Squad'

We're just about half a month away from the big screen release of Warner Brothers and DC Comics' Suicide Squad movie and I, for one, am excited. So excited that after I heard it was the theme of the latest Legion of Collectors box, I decided to not cancel my subscription and give it another go. I'm glad I did because this box was chock full of super cool swag. Check out the full unboxing!

(Also, apologies for posting this video so late into the month. Halfway through editing, the Ghostbusters Lootcrate showed up and that one took precedence. So sorry, not sorry.)

Oh, just here for the items? Cool, cool.

Let's start with the patch & pin...
I absolutely love this variant cover. So simple yet so striking.
T-shirt... yawn... (Not too bad, at least.)
Super cool and exclusive Funko Pop.
Yeah, these right here made the cost of the box worthwhile.
Just like the Marvel Collector Corps, the Legion of Collectors is a 2-month box and goes for between $30 and $35 shipped. Head on over to the website to sign up for yourself and once again, thanks for watching What's In The Box?!

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