What's In The Box? episode 6: Ghostbusters Limited Edition Crate from Lootcrate

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Ghostbusters. Ever since I was a kid, I've loved everything about the franchise. People are even surprised that, to this day, how quickly I name Ghostbusters as my all time favorite movie. So when my wife, the wonderful Nerdy Pumpkin, learned that Lootcrate was offering a Special Edition Ghostbusters-themed crate, she didn't want to miss the chance to snatch it. And I'm so glad she did because after unboxing that puppy the other day, I have to say it was pretty great.

Check it out! (Also, this is my first video with a post-credits scene so make sure you stick around for that.)

Pretty rad, right? So much cool stuff jammed into an even cooler box. If you want to see the items close up, well, I have pics just for you!

I can finally be a true, Real Ghostbuster!
And with this I can be a truer, Realer Ghostbuster!
I'm starting to grow a fondness for pins, like I needed something new to collect.
Some sweet, sweet prints. (To be to confused with sweet, sweet Prince [RIP, homie]).

A welcome addition to my home. Get it?! "Welcome"!
Unfortunately, the Ghostbusters crate isn't a monthly or twice-monthly theme like the Firefly Cargo Crate I unveiled not long ago so the opportunity to grab this one has past. However, Lootcrate does offer subscriptions for a wide range of interests, like Gaming, Anime, and even Pets, so if you're itching to get regular shipments to your home, you'd be well off to check 'em out.

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