Crystal Head Vodka

A few months back, I was shopping in my local liquor store when I saw a cool, skull-shaped bottle containing a new vodka. Not being a fan of vodka, I passed it by, but I did admire the bottle's authentic shape. Just now, however, after passing a different liquor store, I noticed the name 'Dan Aykroyd' attached to a promotion of the very same vodka.

This intrigued me.

Was this the same Dan Aykroyd I knew of Ghostbusters fame? Or someone lucky enough to share the name of a movie star?

I Googled it, of course, and discovered the company website for Crystal Head Vodka.

The website is certainly interesting, featuring only a video of Dan and his explanation of the beverage, as well as the origins of the bottle. He describes the legend of the Crystal Skulls, on which Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is based, and the powers that they are said to contain.

Dan also explains the process in which both the bottle and the vodka are created.

Though what he doesn't explain is his reasoning for creating a new vodka. He says something along the lines of "enclosing joy in the form of a very pure alcoholic beverage." He states that they chose vodka because it is a challenging drink to make. Though I don't like vodka, I can respect his choice, even though I feel there are enough brands of vodka on the market as it is. I doubt the bottle would look as striking if it contained a brown whisky.

I think I need to get me a bottle. As I said, I don't drink vodka, but I doubt I would drink this anyway. Besides being a collector's item, the bottle is cool-looking enough for me to simply display on a shelf in my den.

Plus, I have no problem supporting Dan Aykroyd in whatever business ventures he undertakes.

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