Get ready to Block and Roll!!

An article in USA Today confirmed the release of one of the oddest match-ups in video games to date. Lego Rock Band is in production with a likely release date for the holidays of this year.

I guess you could say I'm excited about this game. Rock Band is awesome. The Lego games are awesome. Hell, Legos in general are awesome. This is a strange product, but I can definitely see some greatness in it.

Lego Rock Band will be available on the XBox 360, Wii, PS3, and the DS. According to the article, you can customize not only your rocker, but also your roadies and management. The article also lists five of the songs available, but stated that a full set list has not been determined.

The Final Countdown and Kung Fu Fighting together? This just became the greatest Rock Band ever made.
(Edit: to add cool Lego rock star image. Image C. Warner Bros.)

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