Miley Cyrus, you dumb broad, you.

So as I was reading yesterday's edition of the Daily News, I came across a blurb about Miley Cyrus and her opinion of the Alice in Wonderland movie. She basically proclaimed that it was all about Ecstasy and drug use. Her argument: look it up on the internet.

There are so many flaws with her thinking that it is not even funny. Does she believe everything she reads on the internet? Let's test that theory, shall we?

Billy Ray Cyrus is a child fondling drunk. (OK, maybe not the best example.)

Miley Cyrus is pregnant. (Probably not too good either.)

I got it. Miley Cyrus is a talented singer. That works.

See? Not everything you read on the internet is true. Just because someones twisted mind believes that Alice is Wonderland is about drug use does not mean that is the point of the story. Yes, there is drug use in it, like the hookah smoking caterpillars, but that was not necessarily Lewis Carroll's intention when he wrote it. Alice in Wonderland was written as a fantasy story to entertain children, which it has done for well over 100 years now and has spawned numerous retellings, revisions, and versions. Just because you don't get it, Miley, doesn't mean you should pervert it. How about trying to understand it by looking at the symbolism and getting to know the story.

Or has playing Hannah Montana rotted your brain that thoroughly?

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