I got a psuedo-job interview tomorrow...

Most of my interviewers are this uninterested as well./
So about a half an hour after I get to work, my cell phone rings. Seeing that it is a local number I answer and the lady on the other end tells me that she saw my resume on Monster.com and would like me to come in for an interview. Hating my job as much as I do, and knowing that I will be unemployed by the end of July anyway, I take the information. My manager, who is sitting right next to me as I am on the phone, asks me the name of the company and, after hearing it, tells me not to bother. Here's why.

He tells me a story about how he went on an interview for the same company, American Income Life. When he first got there, he met with a person for the interview and was told that he is perfect for their company. Bear in mind that he has done security and retail in his career and has no experience with life insurance, or any insurance for that matter. How is he "perfect?" After that "interview" he joins a group and listens to one man speak for about a half an hour about how much money he has made with the company. He decides that it's garbage and leaves, despite being there for about three hours.

After listening to his story, I decide to do a little research online. I Google the phrase "American Income interview," and the very first hit I get is this.

I read it. I didn't like what I read. I decided to check out a couple more entries on that page. I finally come to this post, which really helped to set my decision in stone.

This was written by a person who, from what I can tell, was with the company for about a year. He describes the nightmare of a company American Life really is. He talks about the amount of money he had to spend out of pocket with little return, even though he was promised that he would make about $60K in his first year. However, my favorite line in the entire thing is this:

"The state director made advances on my girlfriend."

What the fuck kind of company is this? I was told to dress in business professional for the interview. This is how you express professionalism? By hitting on an employee's girlfriend?

I decided not to go to the interview. Then about 20 minutes ago, I got another call, again from a local number, with a recorded message confirming my appointment for tomorrow. Are they this hard-up for people to show up to their interviews? If they wanted me to believe that what I was going to was actually an interview, then there would be no need for a reminder. And it certainly wouldn't be a recording. And not at 8:30 at night.

Screw them. Yes, I need a job. But not one like this.

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