Gonna get me a Slurpee... Today!!

I don't know how it got past me for as long as it did, but I just discovered yesterday that 7-11 has a promotional flavor for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. Now, being the comic book geek that I am, I need this. Not for the Slurpee, mind you, but for the three collector's cups.

For almost every Marvel movie that has come out, I have collected the Slurpee cups. I have the set from X-Men 3. I have the set for Spider-Man 3. I have the set for Iron Man. I even have one from the Hulk (which may be my favorite because it changes color when introduced to cold liquid.)

I mean, the fact that it is a Slurpee really helps with me wanting one. It seems that every summer I become addicted to the frozen sugary treats. Even though the weather right now does not warrant drinking a cool-down drink like the Slurpee, it doesn't matter. I need those cups.

I need 'em.

Hopefully they will have the collector's straws too, like they did for Iron Man.

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