It's almost moving day.

I managed to get this weekend off from work because Sunday is the "big" day. Yep, this weekend will be hell.

Tonight we have a few errands to run, like returning a couple of things to Home Depot. My girlfriend wants to exchange a chrome outlet cover plate and get one that looks like a rock. The reasoning behind this is because there is a large, taped off portion of the wall that can be seen through the paint in which lies an electrical outlet. My idea was to paint the taped portion so that it looks like a picture frame, than paint some kind of picture on it. She wants to get the rock looking thing so that we can do some kind of meadow theme with trees and shit.

After that we have a rummage sale to go to in an attempt to purchase a throw rug for 50 cents. Yeah, that's just what I want; someone else's dirty-ass carpet laid out in my new room. But it's what my lady wants to do.

Tomorrow consists of me taking my car to Pep Boys for a much needed oil change and an even more needed brake job. I figure I will go over around 8:00AM and hopefully be the first customer. I will probably get out of there around noon, at which point we head over to the storage unit and shuffle shit around to make room for the furniture and other stuff we need to put in there. We also need to make time to throw shit out. We collect so much garbage that I have no idea how I got through life with all of my junk. (Be on the lookout for some eBay auctions in the future.)

I got the U-Haul reserved and I'll be picking it up around 9:00 AM on Sunday. A couple of my friends will be coming over and the plan is to get the furniture out. We don't need to vacate until Thursday, but we need to get everything out so that we can get a good cleaning going on. My girlfriend and I kinda live like pigs. When we moved from our last apartment, we only got half of the security deposit back because the management said that there was "lots of garbage removal" (that was actually written on the bill). Which is bullshit because, yes, it needed to be vacuumed, but there was no fucking garbage in the place. So this time we are trying to avoid that and will be scrubbing down everything during the week.

I will probably be updating minimally here until next Friday. Trust me, all of this will be done on Friday, just in time for the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I will be back for that with a review.

Also, head to a comic book store on Saturday, May 2nd. It's Free Comic Book Day. Just go in and they give you shit. I love the comics industry.

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