Happy Tax Day!

Well, not really happy, but the other part of that is true.

Let me tell you why today is not happy. I just learned that the IRS denied my tax return. Why? Because I did not receive that lovely stimulus package that all of America got back in the middle of 2008. Yet they claim that I did.

You may be confused, saying "If you didn't get it, why didn't you say anything?" Honestly, I didn't care. I was hopeing to receive the $600, but it wasn't my money so there was no big loss involved on my part by not receiving it. However, had I known that it would have caused this huge controversy now, you bet your ass I would have called and said I didn't get that shit.

Now, I have to file an extension and search my bank records (for an account that I no longer have) because the gub'ment says that it was deposited directly into my account.

This is shit. I didn't want the money. I didn't get the money. Now, the money I do want is being withheld from me because of this.

Screw you, George W. Bush.

1 comment:

  1. that's shitty, I can't believe they pulled that with you. They have no idea the shitstorm you can unleash upon them!! lol


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