What the hell was wrong with me?

I created this blog about two years ago. I never really did much with it, and I began wondering why I even created it. Looking over the very few posts that I wrote, I remembered the motivation behind it.

Apparently, I created this blog in order to get other people to sign up for those Paid to Click and Paid to Surf the Internet programs that are out there. Looking back on my life, I can't believe ow much time I invested in those things. I thought that it was the greatest thing at the time. "You mean I click links, and you give me money for it?" I saw dollar signs and thought I would never have to work again.

Yeah, right.

I spent probably two years working with a handful of sites, slaving away at the links in the e-mails, visiting the sites everyday clicking whatever I could. What do I have to show for it.

Two things. Jack and shit.

Though there are a few that I still do, and that I have gotten paid for, I don't know how I ever thought I would get rich from those things. (Though getting gift cards from that one site is pretty cool.)

If you can find this legitimate programs, then I encourage you to sign up. Some of them do work, though I won't post them here, if for no other reason than to prove to myself that I have turned over a new leaf.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to tell you all that most of those sites are scams. Avoid them is possible. Yeah, it may seem insignificant clicking links to make a tenth of a penny, but all that time adds up. And the trade off really isn't worth it.

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