Spider-Man 4-D?

When you Google "Spider-Man 4D" you get...nightmares.
Probably not, considering the fourth dimension is time. But GeekTyrant.com sent out a Tweet a few hours ago stating the possibility that Spider-Man 4 will be in 3-D.

Before I read the article, I had mixed feelings about this. Seeing Spider-Man in 3-D seems like it would be an awesome feat. However, does that mean they will scrimp on the content and storyline just for spectacular effects? It's possible. Though I never saw Journey to the Center of the Earth with Brendan Frasier in 3-D, I did eventual see it on DVD. That was a terrible movie, one that even the addition of another dimension could not salvage. Please don't do that to Spider-Man.

However, after readng the article, it seems like the only reason they would consider turning Spidey 3-D is to charge more money for tickets. What the hell is this? The quote from the article reads, "People are paying a premium to see movies in 3-D and that’s a very big deal. It’s never been done before that someone says you have to pay more to see Spider-Man than a romantic comedy."

Come on. If you only want to do this shit so you can charge more, than screw you. Though it would be difficult, I would boycott Spider-Man 4. And anyone who knows me knows that I men business when I say that.

Anyway, read the article and decide for yourself.

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