Finally saw Star Trek...

Even though I had heard nothing but good things about the new Star Trek, I still didn't expect myself to like it as much as I did. But, needless to say, it was friggin' awesome.

The visuals were amazing, and with JJ Abrams behind the helm, I assumed they would be. He does such a great job episode after episode with 'Lost', and Star Trek just followed his pattern.

As far as the storyline goes, it was nothing that I expected it to be. The time paradox that they created was a believable way to mash the future with the past and reboot the concept of Star Trek. As I was talking about it with a few of my co-workers, one of them asked which Enterprise Kirk captained because "he destroyed the Enterprise C and is now the captain of D." It was refreshing to tell him that all of that shit is now irrelevant.

The acting was also top notch. Besides the fact that Chris Pine has done nothing of note besides Smokin' Aces and Just My Luck (both of which were popularly un-noteworthy), he really lands the bad-ass James Kirk. His drive to be the best and oozing arrogance while fighting an inner self-loathing brought so much more depth to the character, and made him far more interesting than William Shatner ever could. Karl Urban as Bones made a good side-kick to Kirk and quite often acted as an external conscience. It was also good to see him shake off the whole Doom fiasco and actually make a good movie.

But the clear winner was Zachery Quinto. Despite his roles in 24 and Heroes, Quinto really brings Spock to life. His struggle with emotion was well done and he made the perfect foil to the brash, look-before-you-leap Kirk. He even looks like a young Leonard Nimoy.

I was never a big fan of Star Trek, which is why I waited so long to see this movie as I did. But I am really glad that I finally saw it because now, I do believe I am a fan. I'm not gonna go running around in a USS Enterprise uniform like some people do, but now I would be against checking out the other films or even the old television show. I'm not quite ready to make the leap into Enterprise or Deep Space 9, but maybe eventually. For now, baby steps.

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