Why are these things so hard to find?

I love collecting the lenticular cups from 7-11. I have the Iron Man cups, the Spider-Man 3 cups and the new X-men Origins: Wolverine cups. So, after seeing the advertisements for the Transformers 2 cups, i couldn't wait to get them, as well as try the Bumblebee Blast flavored Slurpee.

So why the hell is it that almost no 711's near me have these cups?

Seriously, I went to 4 different locations, and none of them had the lenticular cups. They had the small one with the sticker sheet on it, but no larger ones. What the hell?

Oh, I should also add that they all had plenty of stock on the Terminator: Salvation cups. I guess they realized how much of a flop that promotion was and refuse to sell the Transformers cups until they are out of those. Yeah, that shit doesn't fly with me. I have never walked out of a 711 without getting a Slurpee until recently. I ain't buying no T:4 cup.

I did manage to find one location that had them. I picked up Bumblebee with an Optimus Prime straw, Ravage with a Bumblebee straw, and Megatron with a Fallen straw. All that's left is Optimus Prime with a Megatron straw. I'll probably take a ride over tomorrow and get that one, just to complete the collection.

Oh, and I never did try the Bumblebee Blast flavor. I guess each 711 one gets one box of syrup and when it's gone, it's gone. Bastards.

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