More Thor News...

So it seems that IMDB is confirming the rumor that Chris Hemsworth will play Thor is the upcoming film based on the Norse God of Marvel Comics. But ironically, they are questioning the news that Tom Hiddleston has been cast as Loki. What's up with this? Marvel themselves released the news that Hiddleston had the part so why doesn't IMDB believe it?

They also list Samuel L. Jackson as being rumored to be in the film, which would be likely since Nick Fury will probably try to enlist Thor into the Avengers. But they may take a different turn, like they did with the Incredible Hulk, and have Tony Stark or a different SHIELD officer appear in Thor. Who knows until it happens.

You can also check out the logos for Thor, as well as the other upcoming Marvel films, here. That shit looks pretty good, I'd say.

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