Sigourney Weaver not in Ghostbusters 3?

Well, this sucks.

In an interview with SciFi Squad, Weaver lets loose the news that her character, Dana Barrett, will most likely not be in Ghostbusters 3. Although she does mention an idea that I would love to see used in the three-quel; Oscar as a Ghostbuster.

Remember Oscar? Dana's son who took center stage in Ghostbusters 2? Well, if the time line is the same, and Oscar was about a year old in 1989, that would make him 21 or 22 by the time Ghostbusters 3 takes place. That's a pretty decent age to strap on a proton pack. The only problem is, how do the writers make it work without Dana Barrett? Dana is Oscar's link to the Ghostbusters. Without her, it would seem strange that Oscar is hanging around Venkman and the others.

The only thing I could see working in the absence of Sigourney Weaver is a broken marriage between Peter and Dana. That would make Peter Oscar's step-father, sort of. It would have put Peter in Oscar's life long enough for the child to grow an affection for the man, and take an interest in his career. Then, after finishing college, where he studied paranormal psychology, he moves to New York and asks the Ghostbusters for a job, stating his qualifications for "Paranormal Investigations and Eliminations." There could be some sort of contact with his mother who is living in England, playing in, say, the London Philharmonic, though all contact would be off-screen or understood through dialogue in a telephone conversation. This all fits in well with the writers intentions of bringing in a new generation of Ghostbusters and allowing the old team to pass the torch.

I'm really excited about Ghostbusters 3 and I hope that the lack of Sigourney Weaver does not stifle it's production. She certainly is not an integral character, though her appearance would keep the fans happy. Personally, I don't care if she is or isn't in the film, as long as the film is made.

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