Ghostbusters 3 news, more remakes looming, and the cancellation of Akira

I was much more excited to read this before I actually did. Apparently, there isn't much news on the Ghostbusters 3 front. The script is not yet complete. There has been no new developments as far as casting goes. In fact, the only good thing is that there have been no reports that anyone has dropped out of the film, which hopefully won't happen.

GeekTyrant has some snippets of an interview with Ivan Reitman talking about nothing new concerning Ghostbusters 3. However, the end of the interview adds a bit about Dan Aykroyd's original intent for the Ghostbusters franchise. At least there is something here that adds to the interview.

More Hollywood unoriginality is looming on the horizon as more old movies are given new life. First up is Fame, the story of a group of dancers who strive for, well, fame. Why is this being remade? My theory is that Hollywood wants a piece of the reality TV action and are making a big screen version of "So You Think You Can Dance," which is basically all Fame is. It will probably do as well in theaters as the film adaptation of Rent did. Not for me.

The Bride of Frankenstein is also being remade. The 1935 film is being considered by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, with Neil Burger to write and direct. One thing that gives me hope is that Burger also created The Illusionist, with Edward Norton. Seeing as how that movie was excellent, and Howard and Grazer know how to make movies, Bride has some hope. Also interesting is the news that Universal is looking to obtain the film rights to other classic monsters, such as the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Wolf Man. There could be a whole lot more classic horror movies coming soon, which is a nice change of pace from the shitty teen slasher films.

If Patrick Swayze were dead, he would roll over in his grave to learn that Red Dawn is being remade. Seriously? Red Dawn? This movie had no artistic value at all. All it was was an illustration of what could happen if the Cold War had turned and the Russians decided to invade America. It was terrible, then, it is likely to be terrible now. Not to mention that the studio behind it has given it to a first time director. No chance this will be good. Although I do give credit to Chris Hemsworth who is slated to star in it. He will have another blockbuster under his belt, but at least he has Thor to salvage his reputation.

Finally, Tony Scott talks about his desire to make a new Warriors flick. He makes it clear that he does not want to remake the movie; he essentially wants to reboot it. But he mentions all the trouble he has been having writing a script, and that he doesn't seem to be able to add a new twist to the original story. Now here is a man who has the right idea. He wants to make a certain movie, but he may not because he is unsure if it will be compelling. Tony Scott has create a multitude of beautiful, well-directed, over the top action films, and for all intents and purposes, he can do some amazing things with the Warriors. But he might not make it because he isn't sure he can add anything new to it. Bravo, Tony. I wish the rest of Hollywood would follow your example.

Fans of the film Akira may be disappointed to learn that the live action version of the film has been cancelled. This is really quite a shame. Akira is one of the best made, most influential anime films of all-time. A live action Akira certainly would have kicked ass, and been an awesome summer blockbuster for whichever studio decided to release it. Hopefully, the project will be revived somewhere down the road.

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  1. Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad tidings but Sigourney Weaver dropped out today and is no longer part of Ghostbusters III. Den of geek has a story on it.


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